Having entered Stage 3 in the Province’s Covid-19 protocol, and being able to assemble in larger groups, we are looking forward to seeing each of you again at our outdoor, dryland training sessions.  These sessions are offered free of charge and facilitated by Coach Mike. These dryland sessions offer our athletes the opportunity to train in preparation for our upcoming speed skating season.

You are encouraged to return/exchange skates at this session if you are attending.

When: Mondays (next session confirmed for October 5, 2020)
Where: Sanctuary Park, Dundas
Time: 6:00 pm (90 minute session)

When: TBD

In keeping with OSSA Return To Sport Protocol, and Health Department advisories, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken before each athlete can participate in our group, outdoor, dryland sessions. 

Each attendee must perform the before attending your first session:

1. OSSA Concussion Code of Conduct – please complete for EACH participant and return by email.
2. OSSA Acknowledgement…Assumption of Risk Regarding Covid-19 – please complete for EACH participant and return by email.
3. HSSC Dryland Training Information Document – Review the new HSSC protocols that align with OSSA Return To Sport Protocol
4. HSSC Dryland Training Checklist – Review the dryland training checklist

Each attendee must also complete a health screening form before each session:

5. Health Screening Form – Anyone arriving at a session (athlete, parent, volunteer) must perform a health screening and complete a health screening questionnaire. The form MUST be completed by 4:00 the day of an afternoon dryland activity and by 7:00 p.m. the night prior to an early morning activity (i.e. cycling) 

Participants will also be screened upon arrival to the activity. Any participant who exhibits symptoms will not be able to participate in the training.

We know these new steps seem like a lot, but the new policies have been put in place to ensure all skaters and their families can remain safe as we begin to reopen and resume training. Taking appropriate measures such as wearing face coverings and maintaining social distance are key to keeping everyone healthy.

We look forward to seeing each of you out for some summer training. (Because the protocols require that a parent remain on site with each participant, be sure to wear YOUR workout gear and benefit from this opportunity for a fun fitness session !!)

Additional details and session dates will be provided by email.

As always, if you have any questions, please send us an email.