Club History

The Dofasco Hamilton Speed Skating Club began in October 2004 as a non-profit and volunteer-run organization as the only speed skating club in the Greater Hamilton area.  The Club was officially incorporated as a Not for Profit corporation in October 2006.  In July of 2008 we officially changed our name to Hamilton Speed Skating Club (HSSC).

In 2012, in order to acquire more ice time and to accommodate more skaters, the Hamilton Speed Skating Club split into two separate clubs – the HSSC and the Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Club. The HSSC is now open to youth under the age of 17, and who live in Hamilton. The Golden Horseshoe club is open to older skaters and those who live in the Golden Horseshoe area. Both clubs use the same webpages, registration form, session times and can be contacted by emailing

Board of Directors

  • President – Will Mason and Mike Murray
  • Vice President – Annick Menard and Nick Benton Kearney
  • Regional Director – Erin Stuart and Vacant
  • Head Coach – Mike Murray
  • Treasurer/Registration – Robin Penton
  • Communications – Nick Benton Kearney
  • Secretary – Erin Bagnall
  • Equipment Manager – Joel McIntosh
  • Promotion/Fund Raising – Elaine Holland

Activities and Coaching

The Hamilton Speed Skating Club is active from mid-September to late March each year. The Club provides coaching and instruction to two groups based on age and ability, typically consisting of children aged 5 to 10, youths aged 11 to 15, and advanced teenagers and adults. Activities involve a mix of skills development for general well rounded skating technique and racing training to prepare participants for race meets.

The head NCCP coach is Mike Murray who resides in Dundas; he is a National Level Coach and a former National Team Member who has been involved in coaching several Olympians. Mike is supplemented by several other volunteer coaches.

Our Coaches:

  • Mike Murray (CAC Certified)
  • Ian Bladden

Supporters and Sponsors

Thank You

In the name of amateur sports and speed skating, the Hamilton & Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Clubs would like to thank and extend its appreciation for the generous support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Image of the Ontario Trillium Foundation Logo
Ontario Trillium Foundation Logo

Thank you to those organizations that support our annual skating meet by providing food for our volunteers or items for our silent auction! All contributions are greatly appreciated. Our costs of the meet were covered and any funds raised will help to cover the costs we have incurred this year to provide a container to store the safety mats for our skaters. Thank you again.

How to Support/Sponsor

Would you like to support or sponsor the Hamilton and Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Clubs? Contact us at to find out how.


The Hamilton and Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Clubs offer fundraising opportunities throughout the speed skating season (e.g. gift basket draws and silent auctions at meets). Skaters’ families are asked to contribute and support these efforts.

In the past, funds from these opportunities have paid for mat storage, new mats, and additional equipment.