2022-2023 Season Schedule and Registration

The 2022-2023 speed skating schedule is available on the home page. Please select the Registration tab for all registration information and the Registration Form.

Required Equipment

All skaters must have the following personal protective equipment. However, there are exceptions for participants in the Introduction-to-Speed-Skating and Learn to Skate programs who only require head, hand, shin and knee protection.

Speed Skating Equipment

You are welcome to download and print the Speed Skating Equipment list.

Most of these items can be purchased at a local sporting goods store. However, there are some (e.g. Kevlar ankle protection, certified helmet for competition, hard skate guards) that you may need to purchase with help from the club. We typically take orders at the beginning of the season. Alternatively, speed skating vendors often sell equipment at meets.

Skate Rental Program

Coach Mike Murray has a large inventory of club speed skates, and rents them for the season to members. You will find skate rental fees on the Registration Form.

Whether you have rented a pair of the Club’s speed skates or you have purchased your own, they are an expensive piece of equipment that you rely on to skate your best. Here are some simple precautions to keep your rented skates in good condition:

  • The blades should never be allowed to get dirty or rusty and the boots should be kept clean and dry so that the leather remains in good condition. It’s a good idea to keep a rag in your skate bag to wipe off skates and blades after each practice.
  • Please do not store skates with hard guard on: the water gets trapped in the hard guards and rusts the blade. Instead, let the guards and skates dry overnight (you can use skate “soakers” for the trip home) and then re-attach the hard guard.
  • Skates generally need to be sharpened every 4-6 weeks. If you think you need sharpening, ask Coach Mike who has special sharpening equipment. Do not take your skates for sharpening at the local rink or Canadian Tire as you would for hockey skates. Speed skates have very different blades and need hand sharpening.
  • While walking around the arena while off the ice your hard guards should be on at all times.

Age Class Categories

Age Category is based upon gender and age as of  June 30. For example, a 9 year old girl, whose birthday is Feb 5 will be ranked among the “Girls 9” category. A 9 year old boy, whose birthday is July 3 will be ranked among the “Boys 8” category.