COVID Information for Skaters

The Hamilton and Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Clubs follow the COVID requirements and recommendations of Speed Skating Ontario and The City of Hamilton. Updates to COVID processes and policies that impact skaters will be posted here.

The City of Hamilton – COVID Policies

As per the provincial announcement on September 1, 2021, vaccine verification will be required to access indoor sports and recreation facilities as of September 22, 2021. In addition to the provincial announcement, the city has provided the following details.

  • Access will only be available through the facilities main access. City of Hamilton Staff will be responsible for verifying vaccine requirement upon entry.
  • Any players, coaches or officials aged 18+ will be required to show proof of vaccination and ID, OR exemption.
  • Any spectator/parent/sibling aged 12+ will be required to show proof of vaccination and ID, OR exemption.
  • Permit holders [ie. clubs] will still be responsible for contact tracing and health screening
  • Businesses and organizations are not permitted to retain vaccine records or status, and as such patrons will be required to show their proof of vaccination each time they enter the facility.

Vaccine verification and ID will be checked in accordance with the direction provided by the Provincial Ministry of Health. For more information:

Concussion Safety (Rowan’s Law)

Rowan’s Law is a concussion safety awareness and protocol which came into partial effect on July 1, 2019. It provides a framework that all athletes, coaches and trainers involved school or athletic associations in Ontario must follow. As a participant in our speed skating club, each skater must:

  1. Review the ministry approved materials for participants (Select the age appropriate content below.
  2. Then print, sign and return the athlete’s code of conduct form to the club before starting your season. (code of conduct for coaches/trainers/officials). The acknowledgement must be completed by all athletes 18 years of age or older, and by the guardians of athletes under 18 years of age.

Coaches, trainers and volunteers must adhere to additional requirements as outlined by Ontario Speed Skating.