Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Can I swap skates for a different size throughout the year? Yes, just ask coach Mike Murray – we don’t want painful/uncomfortable feet.
  2. Question: Is it a requirement that I skate at competitions? Anwer: No, it is not. Some skaters simply enjoy just coming out to practices for the exercise and comradery.  For skaters new to the sport and not sure if they want to race, a good way to get some exposure to racing is at our annual Christmas party/pot luck.  At this time we get together to celebrate the upcoming holidays but also have an informal “mini-meet” amongst our own club members where newcomers get exposed to what a meet would be like in a non-intimidating environment.
  3. Question: What happens if I miss a practice – can I make it up at another equivalent session through the week? Anwer: You can, but please provide notice prior to attending practice to ensure adequate coaching for the number of skaters
  4. Question: If I register and then decide I want to add more sessions (i.e. change from once/week to twice/week) when and how can I do that? Anwer: An extra session can be added during the season. Your fee will be prorated depending on the point in the season.
  5. Question:  My child isn’t as fast as I thought s/he’d be. How long does it take to see improvement? Anwer: Like anything, the more exposure one as to an activity, the more time one has to practice. We recommend skating at least twice/week.  Also, different ages develop at different rates.  Practice and exposure are key.
  6. Question: What forms of payment do you accept? Anwer: Cash, Cheque or E-Transfer to