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What is Short Track Speed Skating?

Short track speed skating is performed on a 111m oval on a regular sized ice arena. It is tactical and requires good technique, strength and endurance. Short track is pack-style racing among groups of 4 to 6 skaters. The majority of speed skaters start with short track before progressing to long track speed skating.

Value of Speed Skating

We consider speed skating to be a lifelong physical activity with a long history in Canada that can be enjoyed both recreationally and competitively for many reasons, as follows:

  • Speed skating offers a highly attractive alternative for people, especially children and youth, who wish to skate in an exciting way and for whom other options (e.g. hockey, figure, dance, synchronized, ringette etc.) are not appealing or suitable.
  • It involves pure individual racing competition requiring skill, determination, strategy, and stamina in a warm atmosphere of respect and camaraderie: an excellent environment for developing young people’s personal character.
  • It is equally available for boys and girls, as well as for adults.
  • Speed skating is an excellent method for cross training for many other sports including cycling, hockey and figure skating as it will increase speed and endurance whilst building muscle.

Modified Schedule for February to April 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic arenas across the province has approved the opening of arenas that have implemented revised policies and cleaning procedures.  These changes have impacted the available ice times for all ice user groups.  Our club will be offering the following revised schedule as of February 2021.

Cohort/Group 1 – Chedoke Arena

  • Wednesday: 4:00-5:15pm – Starting Feb 24, 2021
  • Thursday:     5:45-7:00pm – Starting Feb 24, 2021

Cohort/Group 2 – Chedoke Arena

  • Wednesday: 6:00-7:00pm – Starting Nov 4, 2020
  • Thursday:     4:30-5:30pm – Starting Nov 5, 2020

Regular Club Schedule

Speed Skating Schedule for 2018-2019
Speed Skating Schedule for 2019-2020

F.H. Sherman Arena
388 First Rd East
Stoney Creek, Ontario

Chedoke Arena
Green Side Arena
91 Chedmac Dr
Hamilton, Ontario


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