Please use the link below to access our September 2020 to April 2021 Registration form, which includes dates, times, locations and fees. Once completed, please mail or email your registration and fees to the addresses included on the form.

2020-2021 Registration form

After completing the above form you will receive a follow-up email notifying your skater of his/her group and skating schedule.

In addition to the registration form

  1. Have the skater review the age appropriate concussion awareness resources and complete the code of conduct form for athletes/guardians. Complete a second copy of the athlete/guardian form for the accompanying parent (OR where appropriate for  coaches/officials/trainers)
  2.  Complete a second copy of the athletes/guardians form for the parent/guardian that will be accompanying the skater to the rink (OR where appropriate for  coaches/officials/trainers)
  3. For skater under the age of majority (18 years), complete the OSSA Informed consent and acknowledgement of risk form
  4. For skater who are the age of majority (18 years or older), complete the OSSA Release of liability agreement
  5. At least 1 parent for each skater must complete the OSSA Release of liability agreement where they are identified as the participant.
  6. Review the information and policy concerning COVID and complete 2 copies of the OSSA acknowledgement, release regarding COVID-19 – Complete 1 form for the skater and a 1 for the accompanying parent/guardian.

Payment details are outlined in the registration form.  Completed forms are to be electronically submitted to  You registration is complete when all of the forms are completed, submitted electronically and payment has been sent.


2019-20 Revised Registration

2018-19 Revised Registration