Please use the link below to access our October 2021 to April 2022 Registration form, which includes dates, times, locations and fees. If you are a new skater looking to Try Speed Skating (starting Oct 13, 2021), a returning skater or a guest skater from another OSSA club, we have an option for you. Complete the registration. 

2021-2022 Registration form – Questions on what to register for and completed forms can be emailed to or brought in person to the registration BBQ.

If you cannot attend the Registration BBQ & SKATE FITTING in person:

The annual registration BBQ and skate fitting will be held on Saturday, October 2nd at 3:30 pm for all skating families. Location: 11 Hilltop Place, Dundas.  (Returning skaters should arrive at 2:30 for skate fitting)

Additional Requirements for Registration

In addition to completing the club registration, all skaters and 1 parent/volunteer are required to complete the Ontario Speed Skating Association (OSSA) and Speed Skating Canada (SSC) affiliation forms using the IceReg system. 

Link to the IceReg system – Read the following information carefully before accessing IceReg.

  • ALL Skaters (Try Speed Skating, New Skaters and Returning Skating Families) must complete the IceReg registration every season
  • Ice Reg is the system that registers your skater and at minimum one parent/ guardian with our provincial and national sport organizations. On this site, you will not only complete registration but also several waivers which you, and your skater must review and acknowledge.  Your registration fee covers the affiliation fees, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY on the IceReg System, the club will be invoiced.
  • Most skaters should register as “Club Skaters”.  This provides coverage for your skater in club activities but not during competitions.  Due to COVID, it is not anticipated that competitions will not resume for most skaters before the new year.  The $40.77 club skater fee is included in your registration, do not make a payment on IceReg. If you will be competing at a meet, your registration should be updated to “Competitive Skater” before the meet and the revised fee will be applied at that time. 
  • One parent / guardian per family is also charged an “Associate Volunteer” fee (included in the registration). This fee is mandatory for parents / guardians who are actively involved in operations, like moving mats etc. Note: If both parents (or guardian) are involved / attending, it is advised that both pay this fee.

If you skated last season, you will already have an IceReg account with the email you used last season.  You can use the recover password option if you forgot your digits.