Spring 2022 Skating Schedule

Just a few dates left.

Spring Skating Sessions resumed on Sunday April 24th. Times will follow our regular season ice schedule. (2021-2022 schedule)

The Remaining sessions as of this post are as follows.

Wednesday April 27th
Thursday April 28th
Sunday May 1
Wednesday May 4
Thursday May 5
Sunday May 8
Wednesday May 11
Thursday May 12

If you have not paid for your sessions :
Drop- In Fee : $35.00

Wednesdays : First Hour Session : $75.00
                        Second Hour Session : $90.00

Thursdays : $ 75.00

Sundays: $120.00

Fees are based on the length of each ice session.

If you skate more than one session, please add your fees together and e-transfer payment to: hsscpayment@gmail.com

If you have any questions regarding fees / payments / Covid Shutdown Credit , please email our Treasuer, Robin @ robin.penton01@gmail.com
Parents, please remember that everyone is asked to help putting mats on and taking mats off the ice at the beginning and end of each session.
 Thank you.

Loved Speed Skating in the Olympics! Try it in Hamilton. #hamont

The Hamilton Speed Skating and Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating clubs offer an opportunity to participate in the exciting sport speed skating. Our youth oriented program currently operates out of the Chedoke Arena in Hamilton, Ontario.

The club is offering a “Try Speed Skating” package to interested youth following the Olympics. The 4 skating sessions in February and March 2022, subject to demand, will take place over a 2 week period on Wednesday at 5:30pm and Thursday at 4:30 pm. (Older may be scheduled 1 hour later on each day). If you missed this opportunity and want to join speed skating contact our club by email. Our regular season runs from September to March and registrations/skate fittings typically occur in late August or early September.

See Registration Information

Try Speed Skating Details

  • Cost: $58.17 ($40 club fee includes skate rental + mandatory OSSA fee)
  • When: For 2 consecutive weeks – Wed at 5:30, Thurs at 4:30
  • Dates: Starting as early as Feb 23, 2022 – Contact the club for available dates
  • Experience: Participants in Try Speed Skating Sessions should have prior skating experience to best experience the sport.
  • Required Equipment
    • CSA approved helmet (ex. Multi-sport, hockey, bicycle) is required
    • Gloves – Thick winter gloves or cut-proof are required.
    • Speed Skates – Rental are provided by the club (European size format)
    • Warm athletic cloths (layers work best, track pants/snow pants, sweater/jacket)
    • Optional – Knee pads (volley ball or similar knee pads are recommended)
    • Additional equipment can be found on our equipment page.
  • Email us if you have additional questions or to sign up a trial session.

Our coaches are certified and have developed a program that is fun and engaging for young skaters and proven effective for elite athlete training. Our Try Speed Skating program is equally ideal for youth skaters with with limited experience as it is for those high level of comfort on skates. Speed skates offers a different experience than other skates (hockey, inline, figure skates), however those comfortable with other skating techniques are often quick to adapt to the speed and differences in technique.

Skaters that stay in the sport will have an opportunity to participate in meets that occur throughout the regular season (Sept-March). The meets are a great opportunity for skaters to challenge themselves and strive for personal best times. Speed Skating in Ontario is a highly inclusive sport which is run by dedicated volunteers. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us.

Covid Protocols and start of 2021 season

Skating for the 2021-2022 season will begin on Wednesday October 6th or Thursday October 7th, depending on your registration. As in the prior year, the club is required to contract trace those attending. Please complete the form using the following link:

SCREENING FORM – To be completed by 3pm each skating day.

The City of Hamilton – Covid Policies

As per the provincial announcement on September 1, 2021, vaccine verification will be required to access indoor sports and recreation facilities as of September 22, 2021. In addition to the provincial announcement, the city has provided the following details.

  • Access will only be available through the facilities main access. City of Hamilton Staff will be responsible for verifying vaccine requirement upon entry.
  • Any players, coaches or officials aged 18+ will be required to show proof of vaccination and ID, OR exemption.
  • Any spectator/parent/sibling aged 12+ will be required to show proof of vaccination and ID, OR exemption.
  • Permit holders [ie. clubs] will still be responsible for contact tracing and health screening
  • Businesses and organizations are not permitted to retain vaccine records or status, and as such patrons will be required to show their proof of vaccination each time they enter the facility.

Vaccine verification and ID will be checked in accordance with the direction provided by the Provincial Ministry of Health. For more information:

Registration BBQ for New and Returning Skaters

Your speed skating community has worked with the City of Hamilton to co-ordinate skating starting in October 2021. We will continue to monitor the ongoing situation with COVID and will work within the guidelines established by Public Health and the city to ensure a safe and exciting season for all of our skaters.

Our Annual Registration BBQ will be held on Saturday October 2nd at 3:30 p.m
11 Hilltop Place, Dundas.
Returning members are asked to come, with their skates, at 2:30).

For our new members, this BBQ is an opportunity to register for skating, have your skates fitted, have your questions answered and meet coaches and team members. Plan to attend ! (Bring socks that you would wear inside your skates.) More information about the BBQ will follow.

The HSSC and GHSSC have 3 ways to participate this

  • New or Interested Skaters can TRY SPEED SKATING (see below for details before proceeding to register)
  • Returning skaters (and those that were hooked after their try speed skating sessions)
  • Guest skaters (for those registered with another OSS club)

Register Now


This season we are offering a 4 session “Try Speed Skating” opportunity. Skaters will skate twice per week for a total of 4 sessions. (October 13 & 14, October 19 & 20). The “Try Speed Skating” fee includes ice sessions and skate rental. When the skater decides to continue skating for the remainder of the season, the full season fee will be prorated to reflect the fee paid for the “Try Speed Skating” sessions.

For our new members, this BBQ/registration is an opportunity to register for skating, have your skates fitted, have your questions answered and meet coaches and team members. For new members, our Annual Registration BBQ will be held on Saturday October 2nd at 3:30 p.m, 11 Hilltop Place, Dundas. Plan to attend and bring socks you would wear inside your skates (More information to follow)

If you have more questions please contact hamiltonspeedskating@gmail.com for information and details and on how to join the exciting world of speed skating.

Register Now


Our Annual Registration BBQ will be held on Saturday October 2nd at 3:30 p.m (skate fitting at 2:30)
11 Hilltop Place, Dundas….More information to follow

The Sherman Arena is not opening for the start of the season and therefore we are offering a maximum of two sessions per week to our skaters. These sessions will take place, as per usual, at Chedoke Arena, Wednesdays (5:00 to 8:00) and Thursdays (4:30 to 6:45)

  • To help with planning, beginner / novice skaters generally skate the first hour of each session.

If Sherman Arena opens in January (as proposed), skaters who wish to skate extra sessions at Sherman, can pay for additional ice sessions at that time.

Register Now


HSSC is offering guest skating this season.
The full season fee is $475.00 or $25.00 per session by e-transfer to : hsscpayment@gmail.com
email hamiltonspeedskating@gmail.com for more details and to obtain a payment password.

Please complete the HSSC/GHSSC registration, ensure your OSSA/SCC registration is complete
All guest skaters must follow the City of Hamilton / HSSC Covid protocols including completion of the Covid screening prior to attending practices.

Register Now

Skating stopped in Grey Zone (March 29, 2021)

Hamilton has re-entered the Grey zone / Lockdown status in the provincial Covid Framework. Unfortunately, this change requires arenas to close.

Until further notice there will be NO SKATING.

Thank you to each of you that participated in the latest sessions (February and March) for meticulously following protocols to keep us all health and skating together.

Your flexibility and understanding have made the very best of a challenging situation. We will continue to monitor the restrictions and update our skating families with any changes.

If we are able to return to ice this spring, we will.

If not, we will invoice families for their ice fees (the ice time we were able to access).

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Also, Remember to register your skater on the IceReg page for our club (registration is required by Speed Skating Canada). as indicated in a recent email.



As most of us are new users, you may need to “create an account” before you can proceed to register your skater(s) and one parent.

There is absolutely NO COST to complete this registration. Do not submit payment at any time.

When you follow the link, hit the red “REGISTER NOW” button (on the right side of the screen) the process flows fairly easily.


  • Input participant information (name / birthdate etc.)
  • Register your skater(s) (RECREATIONAL SKATER) and one parent / guardian (ASSOCIATE VOLUNTEER) per family.
  • Sign all waivers (there are Speed Skating Canada Waivers (2) and OSSA waivers (you’ll recognize them).

Sara Hannon makes 2022 Special Olympics Training Squad

The 2022 Special Olympics Trainings Squad has just been announced and Hamilton Speed Skating’s Sara Hannon has made the list. We are all very excited for Sara as she builds on her successes that led her to represent Team Ontario in Thunder Bay in 2020. As part of the training squad, Sara will have the potential to represent Canada in the 2022 games in Russia


See the full announcement on the Special Olympics Team Canada website

Helping Sara along the way will be coach Mike Murray, who is be assisting the team in the role of the Ontario Provincial Training Coach.

Skating resumes on February 24, 2021

Modified Schedule and Rules starting February 24, 2021

The city of Hamilton continues to adjust requirements for ice uses to meet the provincial legislation. Rinks have reopened with the change into Red Zone in February and skating is set to resume on February 24, 2021. By now you should have received and completed a form to express your interest in returning to skating, contact the club if you have not received this communication. Skating families that responded have been contacted with ice times for their skaters starting as early as February 24th. Please review the RULES and HEALTH PROTOCOL as they have changed. .

We have been asked to use the back entrance of the arena (lower floor entrance by washrooms / meeting room). The upper/front entrance is not to be used.


I)  Ten skaters per session

  • Complete the screening prior to arrival at the arena https://forms.gle/6mZKZmkc3FumMKFM9
  • As before, skaters should come wearing as much of their equipment as possible.
  • There are no change rooms available and skaters are NOT to strip down to undergarments while seated in the public areas.
  • As before, skaters will need to bring all of their belongings into the red hallway area. Leave nothing on the chairs.
  • At the end of practice, gather your belongings, change out of your skates and leave. No loitering.

II)  One Emergency Adult per session

  • Complete the screening prior to arrival at the arena https://forms.gle/6mZKZmkc3FumMKFM9
  • Dress warmly as this person will sit on the far side of the arena / players’ bench. It is COLD at ice level.
  • The emergency adult will also be asked to complete the in house screening of skaters for your session.

III)  Two Coaches

IV)   One guardian per skater if necessary (i.e. one guardian can come in and tie skates. This guardian may remain in the arena in the designated seating area)

  • Complete the screening prior to arrival at the arena. https://forms.gle/6mZKZmkc3FumMKFM9
  • The guardian may NOT have other children.
  • The guardian is expected to remain inside the building. Once you’re “in”, you’re “in”.
  • Once the guardian has helped his / her skater, the guardian is expected to sit in the designated area in the stands.
  • Guardians are asked to help put the mats on the ice and/or take the mats off the ice. See Coach Mike for specific direction.

Health Protocol

  1. All skaters, coaches and guardians are to complete the health screening prior to attending each skating session. https://forms.gle/6mZKZmkc3FumMKFM9 It is IMPERATIVE that this health screening is done before practice as we must have it readily available for Public Health. It is an expectation of the City of Hamilton that our organization ensures our membership is completing the screening. Failure to complete the screening can jeopardize our club’s ability to skate.

If you, or someone with whom you have been in close contact, are not feeling well, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO SKATING.

2. All skaters, coaches and guardians are to be masked at all times – on and off ice.

3. Sanitize hands before / after touching common, high-touch surfaces.

4. Hands must be sanitized and gloves may be worn when handling the safety mats. Mats should be sprayed with disinfectant spray upon storage Wednesday evening. Mats do not need to be sprayed upon storage

5. Please be mindful of the traffic flow patterns that the arena staff have designated.Thursday evening as they will be untouched until the following week.

Cohort/Group 1 (Older Skaters) – Chedoke Arena

  • Session 1 – Wednesday: 4:00-5:15pm – Starting Feb 24, 2021
  • Session 2 – Wednesday: 5:45-7:00pm – Starting Feb 24, 2021

Cohort/Group 2 (Younger Skaters) – Chedoke Arena

  • Session 1 – Thursday:   4:30-5:30pm – Starting Nov 26, 2020
  • Session 2 – Thursday: 6:00-7:00pm – Starting Nov 26, 2020

F.H. Sherman Arena – Closed

Health Screening Form – due at 3pm day of skating

For the 2021-2022 season all skaters are required to complete the online health screening form before 3pm on the day they will be skating. Access the form using the link below.

HEALTH SCREENING FORM – to complete by 3pm for each skater.

For more details, see the COVID policies and resources for recreation facility users for the start of the 2021-2022 season

This health screening information is a requirement of the arena operators as well as Ontario Speed Skating. Our club volunteers are working tirelessly to ensure a safe experience for skaters and your completion of the form is an integral part in allowing a safe, contactless, traceable check-in for skaters. Please do you part to keep skating safe for all of us by filling in the form for each session as soon as you are able to able to assess the skaters state of health.

Dry Land Training 2020 – Starts August 10

Having entered Stage 3 in the Province’s Covid-19 protocol, and being able to assemble in larger groups, we are looking forward to seeing each of you again at our outdoor, dryland training sessions.  These sessions are offered free of charge and facilitated by Coach Mike. These dryland sessions offer our athletes the opportunity to train in preparation for our upcoming speed skating season.

You are encouraged to return/exchange skates at this session if you are attending.

When: Mondays (next session confirmed for October 5, 2020)
Where: Sanctuary Park, Dundas
Time: 6:00 pm (90 minute session)

When: TBD

In keeping with OSSA Return To Sport Protocol, and Health Department advisories, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken before each athlete can participate in our group, outdoor, dryland sessions. 

Each attendee must perform the before attending your first session:

1. OSSA Concussion Code of Conduct – please complete for EACH participant and return by email.
2. OSSA Acknowledgement…Assumption of Risk Regarding Covid-19 – please complete for EACH participant and return by email.
3. HSSC Dryland Training Information Document – Review the new HSSC protocols that align with OSSA Return To Sport Protocol
4. HSSC Dryland Training Checklist – Review the dryland training checklist

Each attendee must also complete a health screening form before each session:

5. Health Screening Form – Anyone arriving at a session (athlete, parent, volunteer) must perform a health screening and complete a health screening questionnaire. The form MUST be completed by 4:00 the day of an afternoon dryland activity and by 7:00 p.m. the night prior to an early morning activity (i.e. cycling) 

Participants will also be screened upon arrival to the activity. Any participant who exhibits symptoms will not be able to participate in the training.

We know these new steps seem like a lot, but the new policies have been put in place to ensure all skaters and their families can remain safe as we begin to reopen and resume training. Taking appropriate measures such as wearing face coverings and maintaining social distance are key to keeping everyone healthy.

We look forward to seeing each of you out for some summer training. (Because the protocols require that a parent remain on site with each participant, be sure to wear YOUR workout gear and benefit from this opportunity for a fun fitness session !!)

Additional details and session dates will be provided by email.

As always, if you have any questions, please send us an email.
Start of the Season

Start of the Season is here!

Modified Schedule for September 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic arenas across the province has approved the opening of arenas that have implemented revised policies and cleaning procedures.  These changes have impacted the available ice times for all ice user groups.  Our club will be offering the following revised schedule as of September 2020.

Register Now – Registration forms will be available shortly.

Chedoke Arena

  • Wednesday – 4:00-5:00pm and 5:30-6:30pm – Starting September 30, 2020
  • Thursday – 4:00-5:00pm and 5:30-6:30pm – Starting October 1, 2020

F.H. Sherman Arena – Closed

The club is continuing to work with officials to facilitate a return to skating for for the 2020/2021 season.  Please be patient as we coordinate a fun and safe schedule for our skaters.

New for 2020-2021

The club has implemented a new Covid policy to comply with the requirements of OSSA and the province.  HSSC/GHSSC policies and requirements for the skating season are available here or through the link at the top of the page.