Spring 2022 Skating Schedule

Just a few dates left.

Spring Skating Sessions resumed on Sunday April 24th. Times will follow our regular season ice schedule. (2021-2022 schedule)

The Remaining sessions as of this post are as follows.

Wednesday April 27th
Thursday April 28th
Sunday May 1
Wednesday May 4
Thursday May 5
Sunday May 8
Wednesday May 11
Thursday May 12

If you have not paid for your sessions :
Drop- In Fee : $35.00

Wednesdays : First Hour Session : $75.00
                        Second Hour Session : $90.00

Thursdays : $ 75.00

Sundays: $120.00

Fees are based on the length of each ice session.

If you skate more than one session, please add your fees together and e-transfer payment to: hsscpayment@gmail.com

If you have any questions regarding fees / payments / Covid Shutdown Credit , please email our Treasuer, Robin @ robin.penton01@gmail.com
Parents, please remember that everyone is asked to help putting mats on and taking mats off the ice at the beginning and end of each session.
 Thank you.

Loved Speed Skating in the Olympics! Try it in Hamilton. #hamont

The Hamilton Speed Skating and Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating clubs offer an opportunity to participate in the exciting sport speed skating. Our youth oriented program currently operates out of the Chedoke Arena in Hamilton, Ontario.

The club is offering a “Try Speed Skating” package to interested youth following the Olympics. The 4 skating sessions in February and March 2022, subject to demand, will take place over a 2 week period on Wednesday at 5:30pm and Thursday at 4:30 pm. (Older may be scheduled 1 hour later on each day). If you missed this opportunity and want to join speed skating contact our club by email. Our regular season runs from September to March and registrations/skate fittings typically occur in late August or early September.

See Registration Information

Try Speed Skating Details

  • Cost: $58.17 ($40 club fee includes skate rental + mandatory OSSA fee)
  • When: For 2 consecutive weeks – Wed at 5:30, Thurs at 4:30
  • Dates: Starting as early as Feb 23, 2022 – Contact the club for available dates
  • Experience: Participants in Try Speed Skating Sessions should have prior skating experience to best experience the sport.
  • Required Equipment
    • CSA approved helmet (ex. Multi-sport, hockey, bicycle) is required
    • Gloves – Thick winter gloves or cut-proof are required.
    • Speed Skates – Rental are provided by the club (European size format)
    • Warm athletic cloths (layers work best, track pants/snow pants, sweater/jacket)
    • Optional – Knee pads (volley ball or similar knee pads are recommended)
    • Additional equipment can be found on our equipment page.
  • Email us if you have additional questions or to sign up a trial session.

Our coaches are certified and have developed a program that is fun and engaging for young skaters and proven effective for elite athlete training. Our Try Speed Skating program is equally ideal for youth skaters with with limited experience as it is for those high level of comfort on skates. Speed skates offers a different experience than other skates (hockey, inline, figure skates), however those comfortable with other skating techniques are often quick to adapt to the speed and differences in technique.

Skaters that stay in the sport will have an opportunity to participate in meets that occur throughout the regular season (Sept-March). The meets are a great opportunity for skaters to challenge themselves and strive for personal best times. Speed Skating in Ontario is a highly inclusive sport which is run by dedicated volunteers. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us.


All skaters must have the following personal protective equipment. However, there are exceptions for participants in the Introduction-to-Speed-Skating and Learn to Skate programs who only require head, hand, shin and knee protection.

Speed Skating EquipmentIf you would like to print this list, please download it here: Speed Skating Equipment.


Most of these items can be purchased at a local sporting goods store. However, there are some (e.g. Kevlar ankle protection, certified helmet for competition, hard skate guards) that you may need to purchase with help from the club. We typically take orders at the beginning of the season so take advantage.  Also, suppliers often set up tables at meets where you can purchase many of these items.

Skate Rental Program

Coach Mike Murray has a large inventory of club speed skates, and rents them for the season to members. Whether you have rented a pair of the Club’s speed skates or you have purchased your own, they are an expensive piece of equipment that you rely on to skate your best.