Hamilton has re-entered the Grey zone / Lockdown status in the provincial Covid Framework. Unfortunately, this change requires arenas to close.

Until further notice there will be NO SKATING.

Thank you to each of you that participated in the latest sessions (February and March) for meticulously following protocols to keep us all health and skating together.

Your flexibility and understanding have made the very best of a challenging situation. We will continue to monitor the restrictions and update our skating families with any changes.

If we are able to return to ice this spring, we will.

If not, we will invoice families for their ice fees (the ice time we were able to access).

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Also, Remember to register your skater on the IceReg page for our club (registration is required by Speed Skating Canada). as indicated in a recent email.



As most of us are new users, you may need to “create an account” before you can proceed to register your skater(s) and one parent.

There is absolutely NO COST to complete this registration. Do not submit payment at any time.

When you follow the link, hit the red “REGISTER NOW” button (on the right side of the screen) the process flows fairly easily.


  • Input participant information (name / birthdate etc.)
  • Register your skater(s) (RECREATIONAL SKATER) and one parent / guardian (ASSOCIATE VOLUNTEER) per family.
  • Sign all waivers (there are Speed Skating Canada Waivers (2) and OSSA waivers (you’ll recognize them).